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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Happy Halloween!!

It's been a long time since I've posted anything, but rather than waste time on excuses that nobody believes anyways, I'll just get to it. Since this was Halloween weekend, we decided it would be a good opportunity for a reunion with friends. We were all going to meet up in Ottawa, and we decided to go with a group costume of Team Zissou, from The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. We looked pretty good and had a great time, snafus and all. Posted by Picasa

Just outside of Ottawa we ran out of gas. Team leader Colin and his trusty sidekick The Boy head off with a jerry can in search of diesel. The rest of the team stayed with the car and had some Peach Schnapps in anticipation of their return.  Posted by Picasa

Colin and Christine contemplate what it means to be a member of team Zissou. Posted by Picasa

Team Zissou visit the Lone Star in search of the taste of Texas.  Posted by Picasa

Perhaps the answer will be in the bottom of this glass. Posted by Picasa

The majority of people at the bar were dressed up. Here you can see a leprechaun, and angel, Little Red Riding Hood, and the back of an elf.  Posted by Picasa

Dawn and The Boy Posted by Picasa

So many ways to wear a red toque. Posted by Picasa

Team Zissou says goodnight. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Hallooo. Yes, I'm still alive and kicking and I think about this page everyday. However, I'm not doing or seeing much that is photoworthy these days - I guess when you grow up in a country, the little mundane details of life don't seem that interesting.

Anyways, just a few photos from the sunset we had yesterday. I'll try to get back on track... Posted by Picasa

Coloured glass ball at sunset. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Around the Garden

Just a few photos taken around the backyard. The weather has been great, quite warm for Canada, but there's supposed to be a cold front moving in, so this might be it for garden pictures.

Spying on the neighbours Posted by Picasa

Is it possible to post too many pictures of a knife-and-spoon windchime? Posted by Picasa

Probably, yes. I'd better limit myself to two.  Posted by Picasa

Hummingbird feeder Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

We will now return to our scheduled programming

I think it's appropriate that the first photo that I post from Canada is a shot of the big Canadian sky, taken in the parking lot of the Great Canadian Hudson's Bay Company (where I got some lovely pajamas on sale).

I'm having technical difficulties here, what with our internet connection being of the two-cans-connected-by-a-string variety, so I'm just posting a few photos today. I'll have some more pictures from my mom's garden tomorrow. As for your requests for a picture of my lovely brother, I'll do my best. He generally hates Molson beers though, so you may have to settle for a picture of him drinking a Crystal and having a smoke. Actually that reminds me of something funny. He got a call from a marketing survey company yesterday, and they were doing a survey about beer. I guess they asked him what beers he likes, how much he buys, and so on. But he said they also asked him some strange questions like "If 'desperation' were a beer, which of the following would it be?" as well as "self-loathing" and a few others.

So, let's throw this one out on the floor. I'll open it up to any alcoholic beverage, not just beer. Leave your answers in the comments section:

If ____________ were an alcoholic beverage, what would it be?

a) self-loathing
b) anger
c) boredom
d) joy
e) excitment

Have fun. I'll post my answers in the comments too. I have to think first.

 Posted by Picasa

My best friend in Canada has a son named Aiden, too. He came shopping with Christine and I that day and I got a picture of him while he was trapped in his carseat. Posted by Picasa

And one last shot of the other Aiden, taken the day before I left. This picture makes me laugh, the hint of exasperation breaking through Ahra's normally calm expression is priceless. I only ever tried to feed Aiden once and he ended up with food in his eyes.  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Hi everyone. Just a quick note to let you know I haven't abandoned my blog, I'm just getting settled here in Canada. I haven't unpacked yet, much less gone out and taken pictures. My parents have dial-up internet at their house and it's pretty slow, so I'm a little worried that it will be difficult for me to upload photos to blogger anyways, but I'll just have to wait and see.

Anyways, it's Labour Day weekend here in Canada, so Happy Labour Day to everyone. I'll try to be back with some new posts later this week.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Test Day II

It's the last week of the term, so I'm marking tests. Once again I have some funny/cute sentences to share - on this part of the test they had to write sentences using the vocabulary we've studied in class to show me they really understand the word.

for honest:
Many people was honest, but killer was dishonest.

for skills:
Muhammed Ali must need new skills. Hmmm....

for fired:
My friend fight in the school, so he fired. Nice try, no cigar.

for personality:
He is very personality.

also for personality:
The visually-impaired people have their personality. Well, thank goodness.

And some lovely diaries, based on imaginary scenarios. This first one is the same boy who wrote the romantic diary on the last test:

Scenario: your pet died

My Lovely Cat

Yesterday I went to go home. It was raining. When I went in my apartment there was a cat. She look like cold. I thought she is poor and I kip it! First I washed her and dried. And hug but her hand down, down, down. "Oh no she died". I ran and ran fast. I could pet docter said 3 day later she died. I am so sad and I told (called?)her pinky but she died now. I was sad. She was very pretty but this time she died from cold. Little time she lived and talked to me - me yaeo.

bi my pet.

Scenario: you saw a ghost

Yesterday I saw a ghost! I was so suprised. because it was my dead grandmmother! She died 4 years ago~ she looks happy. She took me to the sky and she pointed the sky and I very suprised. She fly to sky and she sit on the golden chair. And she took me to the home. and then she gave me some money! When I woke up there was some money in my hand!

Scenario: you saw a ghost

Yesterday I moved into my new house. It was a nice house. It is in one of small hill. It can see all of the nice city in one eye. That house was selling for a low money. But when yesterday night, I know why that housekeeper sell very quickly. This house had a ghost! That night in the sofa, I was sleeping. Then I felt some shaking. I woke up and looked around. Suddenly, in the kitchen, the knife was pick up in the air. I felt scary. Then, that knife was flying through to kill me! I evasioned. But that's not the end. Sofa trying to made me slim squid! I ran away and get out of my house. I couldn't sleep now.

I have no idea what the sofa was trying to do to him, but it sounds unpleasant. I hope he evasioned that as well.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

It's My Party

Last night was my birthday-slash-goodbye party. About 20 people came out for dinner, and then some of us moved on to Chi Chi's (of course). It was so nice to have all my friends in one place and to have a chance to see everyone. I was definitely feeling gloomy by the end of the night thinking how much I'll miss everybody, but going back to Canada is a much needed change/break for me. Which one it will be I'm not sure.

Here's me holding the purse Ahra got me, one of the many lovely gifts I received that night. Thank you to everyone for coming, I'm going to miss all of you! Posted by Picasa

Ahra and her cool new hair. Posted by Picasa

Lewis is getting so big! He and Aiden are great friends. Posted by Picasa

Naomi (Lewis' mom) Posted by Picasa

Rachel lovin' Lewis. Posted by Picasa

Me and John. Posted by Picasa

The only known surviving picture of Chris McGowan. Posted by Picasa