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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Photo Friday: One

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The theme for Photo Friday this week is "One". Although this leaves lots of room for interpretation and creativity, I had a hard time finding a picture that fit - I realized that I have a tendency to take pictures of patterns (isn't it interesting what these photo challenges teach us about ourselves?). I think it's difficult to take a picture of one thing, plop it in the middle of the frame and make it interesting. Something for me to work on - less is more.

So, my entry for "One" is this picture of Aiden. Two Aidens of course, but really one - I liked playing with the theme concept a bit.

Last week's theme was "Violet". I didn't submit anything for that - I carried my camera with me for a few days, but I gave up in frustration. Did you know that there is actually no violet in the world? Except for grapes, flowers, and the occasional sunset, which there were already about 400 submissions of. I'm waiting for the theme to be "Blue". Please! I have the perfect picture ready! Posted by Picasa


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